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Love Under Construction

Billionaire land developer, Hunter Davis, returns to Harmony with one agenda in mind. Right the wrongs of the past, because until he does they’re like a black smudge on his soul. But Hunter has never been able to forget what he once shared with Mackenzie Berg, the woman he secretly married eleven years ago. And now something in his heart refuses to die, something that makes him want to woo her back into his arms…for the rest of his life.

Local contractor, Mackenzie Berg, may be secretly married to Hunter Davis—she might even have a small mountain of newspaper and magazine clippings about the hunky land developer tucked into the bottom of her dresser drawer—but that doesn’t mean she still has feelings for him, does it? She intends to avoid the man she once loved, until town officials blackmail her into escorting him to the events planned during his short stay.

With the whole town watching their every move, can these two lonely people rediscover the love of a lifetime?

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Complete Character List:

  • Mackenzie Berg: Local contractor
  • Hunter Davis: Billionaire land developer
  • John Berg: Mac’s grandfather
  • Paul Davis: Hunter’s dad (deceased)
  • Gloria Davis: Hunter’s mom (deceased)
  • Sylvie Melnyk:
  • Andy Retzlaff:
  • Madeline Arbuckle:
  • Walter Arbuckle:
  • Roberta Smythe: Thurston Hotel front desk clerk
  • Gill: Thurston Hotel bell hop
  • Riley Hamilton: bride
  • Edward Hamilton: Harmony’s mayor and Riley’s dad.
  • Lilith Hamilton: Riley’s mom.

Extras & Tidbits

There are lots of little details that never make it into the finished story, as well as visuals that really rock my creativity while I'm writing each story. And of course, the characters all have a life after THE END is written. Below are some extras and tidbits for you to enjoy!

(Note: Extras & tidbits for this book are currently in the works, so please check back later.)