Caught Between an Oops and a Hard Body

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Caught Between an Oops and a Hard Body

Stephanie Goodwin has never met a prince who didn’t turn out to be a frog, but she’s never allowed her personal feelings about men and relationships to interfere with her job as a wedding planner. Instead, she focuses on giving her clients their dream wedding, a magical day to get them through the trials and tribulations of the years ahead—before everything turns to dust.

Hotshot divorce lawyer, Stone Kincaid, has an aversion to marriage. His experience has taught him that wedding vows only lead to a broken heart that never really heals and an empty bank account. But when he returns to his family’s Serendipity Island estate to stop his irresponsible sister’s wedding, he encounters the wedding planner from hell—the gorgeous, sexy woman he met and bedded a month ago.

Can a woman with a history of picking the wrong kind of guy find a forever kind of love with a man who fears commitment almost as much as she does?

This story includes a marriage-phobic wedding planner, a hunky divorce lawyer whose attitude toward family—and wedded bliss—is about to change, one really big OOPS, afternoon naughtiness, peanut butter cookies, messy family relationships, and a battle-of-the-sexes secondary romance.

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Caught Between an Oops and a Hard Body

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Complete Character List:

  • Stephanie Goodwin: Our heroine, a marriage-phobic wedding planner who’s faced with one really big OOPS.
  • Stone Kincaid: Our hero, a hunky divorce lawyer whose attitude toward family—and wedded bliss—are about to change.
  • Grace Kincaid: Stone’s mom and hostess of the popular Eternally Yours show, spouts marriage advice, but she’s harboring a huge secret that could ruin her reputation and her show.
  • Jim Kincaid: Stone’s dad, recently retired and addicted to golf instead of his wife, he’s got a secret of his own that could destroy his manhood.
  • Liz Kincaid: Stone’s 23 year old sister, spoiled, irresponsible, flighty, and about to get married.
  • Roger Gordon: 25 year old lead singer of the rock band Crazy Heart, will do anything for his almost-wife, including tolerating her family.
  • Mariam Kincaid-Jones: Stone’s sister, recently divorced and still recovering from her husband’s betrayal, has a 6 month old toddler.
  • Jim Jr: Mariam’s six month old toddler, named after his grandpa Jim.
  • Kevin Donahue: Stone’s best friend and college roommate, he goes on secret government assignments is secretly in love with a certain somebody.
  • Mandy Goodwin: Stephanie’s younger sister and the heroine from The Valentine Grinch.
  • Dane Weatherby: Serendipity’s new newspaper editor, recently engaged to Mandy Goodwin.
  • Dora Goodwin: Stephanie and Mandy’s mom, lover of all things wedding, a wanna-be grandma.
  • Tom Goodwin: Stephanie and Mandy’s dad, and Dora’s very patient—and very sneaky—husband.
  • Wanda: Stone’s assistant.
  • Dr. Harry Strom: Serendipity’s medical doctor.
  • Sandy Strom: Harry’s wife.
  • Ned Strom: Harry’s twin brother and co-owner of island’s only insurance business.
  • Nancy Strom: Ned’s wife and much annoyed business partner.
  • Dr. Andy Johnson: Serendipity’s dentist.
  • Leta Johnson: Andy’s wife who greets him every night at the door with a drink in her hand, supper on the table, wearing nothing more than an apron and her birthday suit.
  • Stephanie Goodwin: July 26
  • Stone Kincaid: May 12
  • Grace Kincaid: January 2
  • Jim Kincaid: June 17
Wedding Anniversaries
  • Stephanie & Stone: November 14
  • Grace & Jim: April 25

Extras & Tidbits

There are lots of little details that never make it into the finished story, as well as visuals that really rock my creativity while I'm writing each story. And of course, the characters all have a life after THE END is written. Below are some extras and tidbits for you to enjoy!

Serendipity Island Map

Serendipity Island Map

For a bigger image, click on the map. 

Stephanie's Bridal Shop Image

Stephanie Goodwin:

After the birth of her first child, Stephanie Goodwin-Kincaid expanded her wedding planning business by opening a bridal shop in downtown Serendipity. The exclusive and much in demand shop, A Bride To Remember, caters to the local islanders and tourists alike.

Recently, when rumors of a well known, but yet unnamed, celebrity toured the shop and ordered a one-of-a-kind wedding dress, the shop was featured on Entertainment Tonight show.

Stone Kincaid:

Stone carries this picture of Stephanie and their firstborn son in his wallet and on his iPhone. Have you read Caught Between an Oops and a Hard Body yet? If so, then you’ll know who was in the picture with Stephanie the very first time he clicked off a shot of her…and what it led him to realize.

Jim Kincaid's Rules of the Golf Course Image

Jim Kincaid:

For his (forced) retirement present to himself, Jim Kincaid built a 9 hole golf course in his backyard, much to the annoyance of his better half, Grace Kincaid. There he golfs with his best friends, twins Harry and Ned Strom, and Andy Johnson, who all know his rules of the golf course.