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Caught Between Romance Series

"...the perfect beach read!"


Rocky Mountain Romance Series

"Tales of love and redemption, trust and second chances."


Caught Between an Oops200x300pxCAUGHT BETWEEN AN OOPS AND A HARD BODY

Welcome to Serendipity Island and the Caught Between romance series.

Stephanie Goodwin has never met a prince who didn’t turn out to be a frog, but she’s never allowed her personal feelings about men and relationships to interfere with her job as a wedding planner. Instead, she focuses on giving her clients their dream wedding, a magical day to get them through the trials and tribulations of the years ahead—before everything turns to dust.

Hotshot divorce lawyer, Stone Kincaid, has an aversion to marriage. His experience has taught him that wedding vows only lead to a broken heart that never really heals and an empty bank account. But when he returns to his family’s Serendipity Island estate to stop his irresponsible sister’s wedding, he encounters the wedding planner from hell—the gorgeous, sexy woman he met and bedded a month ago.

Can a woman with a history of picking the wrong kind of guy find a forever kind of love with a man who fears commitment almost as much as she does?

This story includes a marriage-phobic wedding planner, a hunky divorce lawyer whose attitude toward wedded bliss—and family—is about to change, one really big OOPS, afternoon naughtiness, peanut butter cookies, messy family relationships, and a battle-of-the-sexes secondary romance.

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The Caught Between Contemporary Romance Series

Paige Calhoun has spent years concealing the truth about her family. She’s got a new life now, centered around her daughter and her career, and there’s no room in it for anything—or anyone—else. But when instincts honed at the side of her con-artist dad warn her that her grandma is in trouble, she returns to Serendipity Island…where the web of lies she has told are in jeopardy of being uncovered.

Brody Jackson always thought of Paige Calhoun as the little girl next door. Three years her senior, his sights were set on a football scholarship, and fame and fortune as a pro quarterback. But now he’s back home, his career down the tubes, battling the grandma from hell for permanent custody of his teenage daughter…all because of one careless mistake.

Brody’s got no time for one hot woman who’s messing with his mind and his future. And Paige can’t afford to let one gorgeous man distract her from saving the residents of the island from her dad’s latest scam. All they both want is a life free from the past. Instead, they’re caught between the truth and true love…

This book includes a family-phobic heroine, a hunky hero whose luck—and love life—are about to change, lies, romance, chocolate chip cookies, nighttime shenanigans, a con-artist who swears he’s gone straight, teens with their own agenda, and a battle-of-the-sexes secondary romance.

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A Rocky Mountain Contemporary Romance

Get in, get out. Never look back.

A midnight summons from rancher Nate Coltrane brings singer Jessie Adams back to the heart of the Rocky Mountains — not to see him again, but to say goodbye to her dying mother. Seventeen years ago, Jessie gave up Nate’s child for adoption and she hasn’t been home since. How can she sit by her mother’s side, surrounded by constant reminders of all she loved and lost? How can she face Nate without telling him the truth about the child he never knew existed?

Nate doesn’t think Jessie has the guts to return home and face him, but when she does, he’s afraid of losing everything he loves…for the second time in his life. But he’s made a promise to her mother. Bring Jessie home. Give the dying woman one last opportunity to heal the rift with her daughter. Nate will do anything for Jessie’s mother because if not for her, he might never have known the love of his child.

But sometimes the truth turns out to be a lie…

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Terms of SurrenderTERMS OF SURRENDER

A Rocky Mountain Contemporary Romance

A woman in need…
ER nurse Harley Jane Davis has dedicated her life to helping others. Now she’s the one in trouble, and the only person she can rely on is Gage Toryn—the man she’s secretly been in love with for years.

A man on the edge…
Gage would do anything for Harley, except give in to the hungry passion that sparks between them. He’s hiding a terrible secret, one guaranteed to destroy any chance at a relationship. And even though Harley haunts his dreams and makes him want to be a better man, he knows she could never love him if she learned about his ugly past.

Family, future, forever…
When a situation with Gage’s brother endangers Harley and his nieces, Gage offers them refuge in his home—and the battered pieces of his heart. But can he overcome his fear of commitment and open up about the past? Or will his secret destroy his last chance to have a relationship—and a real family—with the only woman he’s ever loved?

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The Valentine Grinch


Hearts, cupids, and diamond rings!

When Amanda Goodwin returns to Cranberry Cove for her grandma’s wedding, all she wants to do is forget about cherubs and chocolates and men who had crushed her heart.

Until, that is, she encounters long time friend, Dane Weatherby.

Amanda hasn’t seen Dane since high school, and the nerdy boy she remembers has grown into a hunk of the worst kind…the kind that makes her want more than his friendship.

So what’s a girl to do when she’s stuck in the middle of all this Valentine-induced romantic madness? Escape back to her lonely life in the city or dive headfirst into the craziness?

Fortunately she’s not in this alone. And if Dane has his way, he just might convince Amanda to say I do instead of bah humbug.

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Special Note: The Valentine Grinch novella was originally published in the WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies: Viva La Valentine Edition.

Wedding Fever by Sheila Seabrook


Now includes the bonus short story BABY FEVER!


Baby cribs and baby swings and a winking, blinking doll. Oh my! When Gwen Parker decides it’s time for a grandchild, nothing is going to get in her way.


Liz Templeton is about to have her life turned upside down. When her ex-husband, Mitch Parker, returns to town to hunt for the legendary Lost Lake treasure, her former mother-in-law is determined to reunite the estranged couple. While Liz dodges her attempts, she must also deal with the mischievous ghost of her teenage daughter, who is obsessed with discovering whether or not Mitch is her father.

Liz has one chance to stop her family from driving her insane…and falling head over heels in love with her ex isn’t part of the plan.

Available at Amazon!

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