Why Is My Face Red?

We all suffer from it, that infliction known as embarrassment. At the moment it occurs, our face turns red and our body flushes with a heat that can only be compared to a hot flash. Each time I get caught in an embarrassing situation, I believe I’m the only one this...

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A World Without … Books?

Sometimes I think about how awful it would be to live in a world without books. Usually it’s a result of watching TV and seeing old footage of people burning books. But then I reach for my Kindle, admire the towering digital-to-be-read pile that awaits me there, and...

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The Gift of Sight

Join me at the Women Unplugged blog where I'm talking about The Gift of Sight. My mother has macular degeneration, a medical condition which results in the loss of vision at the center of the eye. Eventually it spreads outward and causes blindness. This condition...

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