Playing Doctor by Julie Rowe

These days, I'm hanging out with the RWA Women's Fiction authors. We're in the middle of a month long Write-A-Thin challenge. After months of relative silence, with everyone holed up in their own little part of the world, the daily check-ins are fun. It's like a bunch...

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Every Which Way But Focused

Whenever I’m struggling through the work-in-progress, as I am with the midpoint rewrites on Sex, Lies & Family Ties, I get easily sidetracked. So when people started to talk about the movie THE WORDS starring Bradley Cooper, it gave me something besides my WIP to...

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My Walls Are Flannel

I subscribe to TheBookDesigner blog because I once entertained the idea of designing my own book covers. There’s just one wee problem. In the process of selecting images and putting them together, I discovered I don’t have an eye for design. Even if I borrow the idea...

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