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If this is your first time visiting, I’m a women’s fiction and romance writer AND a misplaced beach gal who lives in the Canadian north where winters last forever and summers are too short. I share a lot of snow and cold filled moments but sometimes we talk about books, flowers, giveaways, characters, and life’s lessons. Okay, my life’s lessons…of which there are many. Feel free to comment at the bottom of any entry, but if you’re too shy, that’s okay. Just know I love having you stop by for a visit.

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Baby Biscuit Joy: Telling Stories With Fabric

I have a favourite sister-in-law. She’ll probably tell you she’s my only sister-in-law and while that’s true, I couldn’t ask for a better addition to our family. She’s intelligent – sometimes I need a thesaurus just to keep up to her – and funny and warm and kind....

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Are You A Hugger Or A Lugger?

Pssst. Yeah, I’m talking to you over there. You look like a lugger. Front of the room with the rest of us luggers. There’s safety in numbers, you know. As for the rest of you, I can tell you’re all huggers by the hugfest in the corner. Well, you’re making us luggers...

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Sister To Sister We Will Always Be

These are the women in my life: my mom, my sisters, my aunt, my sister-in-law and cousins-in-law. We are united in our bond as family members and even though we’re scattered around the country, we come together for weddings and funerals and various other family...

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Reading & My Dad

I inherited my nose from my dad. I also inherited his calves, his easy going personality and his love of reading. He died in 2009 but my all time favourite picture of him shows him sitting on the beach in a lawn chair, a book in his hands with the sun shining down on...

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Moving In!

Hello there … I’m just moving in so while you're waiting for me to unpack and get settled, feel free to visit one of my neighbors. You'll find all the best ones under my Sites To Visit! section. Be sure to stop by again in a few days. Talk later.

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