Happy Halloween & A Lasting Harmony

Happy Halloween & A Lasting Harmony

Welcome to book five of the Thurston Hotel romance series!

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I want to wish you all an early Happy Halloween. It’s also the perfect opportunity to tell you about the Thurston Hotel’s own resident spook. The ghost of Mrs. Arbuckle’s dearly departed husband, Walter, appears throughout the series, popping in and out of the individual books, sometimes just a brush of the wind, and sometimes doing his small part to nudge the hero and heroine together.

And now on to this week’s release, A Lasting Harmony by Shelley Kassian.

About the author:

Shelley Kassian can be found traveling around the world and enjoys medieval history. So if you’re a lover of historical fiction, particularly the Tudor age, check out her other books at her website.

A Lasting Harmony by Shelley KassianAbout the book:

Fired from her music contract due to drug and alcohol addiction, Jade Carter relocates to Harmony to heal her wounds and rethink her ailing career. But when she checks in at the Thurston Hotel, hoping for a second chance, not everything is as it appears. Taking pity on the singer’s dire situation, General Manager Ben Thurston hires her, but not in the way she expects. Jade is soon attracted to bartender Jason Knight, but will her turbulent history and tenuous actions challenge a future with him?

Jason left the corporate world behind to settle in the Rocky Mountains for a healthier lifestyle. When Jade Carter walks into his lounge and into his life, a love at first sight type of chemistry ignites between them. But when they’re photographed together in a compromising embrace, local media attention forces them into a show of commitment.

Is it just pretend? Or could it be more? Can Jason prove himself to be a knight in shining armor who provides the lasting harmony Jade needs?

You can find out more about A LASTING HARMONY at the Thurston Hotel website.



DIY & Love Under Construction

DIY & Love Under Construction

Welcome to book four of the Thurston Hotel romance series.

DIY SheilaThere’s always a lot to do before a book is released. There’s blog posts to write (waving at you all while you’re reading this one!), a newsletter to prepare, updates to the website, Goodreads, and Facebook, and of course final edits. The edits are never done until the book goes live.

And I love doing it all. I’m what you might call a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Or maybe I’m just a control freak. Whatever the case, I like to fiddle around until my DIY guy says, “Enough!”

Speaking of the DIY guy…the heroine of my addition to the Thurston Hotel series is building contractor, and let me tell you, I’ve had lots of experience building. Two houses and most recently, major renovations on Youngest Son’s old farmhouse. Look, there’s me in a protective mask during some of the demolition.

Now on to the book…

Quickie Q&A with Sheila Seabrook (as if you don’t already know me!):

Chocolate, kraft caramels, or ice cream? Chocolate covered caramels!

Coffee, tea, or wine? Coffee.

Star Trek, Fifty Shades of Grey, or We’re the Millers? Don’t make me pick just one. I love Star Trek and We’re the Millers!

Sweats, blue jeans, or a skirt? Sweats.

Sleeping, massage, or a beach vacation? Beach vacation with a massage included.

Love Under ConstructionAbout the book:

Billionaire land developer, Hunter Davis, returns to Harmony with one agenda in mind. Right the wrongs of the past, because until he does they are like a black smudge on his soul. But Hunter has never been able to forget what he once shared with Mackenzie Berg, the woman he secretly married eleven years ago. And now something in his heart refuses to die, something that makes him want to woo her back into his arms…for the rest of his life.

Local contractor, Mackenzie Berg, may be secretly married to Hunter Davis—she might even have a small mountain of newspaper and magazine clippings about the hunky land developer tucked into the bottom of her dresser drawer—but that doesn’t mean she still has feelings for him, does it? She intends to avoid the man she once loved, but her plans go awry when town officials blackmail her into escorting him to every event planned for his short stay.

With the whole town watching their every move, can these two lonely people rediscover the love of a lifetime?

You can find out more about LOVE UNDER CONSTRUCTION and the other Thurston Hotel books at the Thurston Hotel website.

LOVE UNDER CONSTRUCTION is now available for purchase at:
Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon AUAmazon Global

More Birthdays & On a Whim

More Birthdays & On a Whim

Happy Birthday

Half the candles were hers and half the candles were his…

Welcome to book three of the Thurston Hotel romance series. As you know, last weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving, but what you don’t know is that our family also got to celebrate two birthdays — Youngest Son and Almost-Daughter-In Law. Needless to say, we had cake (cherry cheesecake) and candles and lots of singing (which always embarrasses Youngest Son, but he smiles through it anyway).

It was a wonderfu, family filled day, and you know how much I love family. Which is one reason why I’m looking forward to the Thurston Hotel Series book three.

After writing my own Thurston Hotel book (Love Under Construction, out Oct 20th!), then reading books one and two, the people in the town of Harmony are beginning to feel like MY family. Isn’t that sweet?

Now, let me introduce you to book three of the Thurston Hotel series…ON A WHIM.

Quickie Q&A with author Win Day:

Chocolate, kraft caramels, or ice cream? Chocolate.

Coffee, tea, or wine? Tea mostly. Coffee occasionally. Wine sometimes.

Sweats, blue jeans, or a skirt? Black jeans, please.

Sleeping, massage, or a beach vacation? Beach vacation. (Mexico, here I come!)

On a Whim by Win DayAbout the book:

Mandy Brighton loves her vintage storefront, her eclectic neighborhood, her small town way of life. Sure, sometimes change is necessary—didn’t she convert Whimsy into a cupcake bakery, and expand the kitchen? But architect Kevin MacNeal wants to tear down her building to revitalize Harmony’s Main Street to match his design for the new Community Center.

Kevin, a self-proclaimed urbanite, thinks nothing beats having his favorite chain coffee shop on every corner. There’s something comforting about the anonymity of the big city and exciting about its expanded opportunities. Small town residents, with their small town thinking, baffle him.

She seduces him with whimsical cupcakes and fabulous food. He seduces her with, well, seduction. But when he targets his campaign at her great-aunt, his betrayal hurts more than possibly losing her business.

Can they find a way to come to a sweet compromise? Harmony cupcake lovers want to know!

You can find out more about ON A WHIM at the Thurston Hotel website.

Happy Thanksgiving & the Opposite of Frozen

Happy Thanksgiving & the Opposite of Frozen

How I want to live every day of my life.

How I want to live every day of my life.

Welcome to book two of the Thurston Hotel romance series. Before I give you the deetz about the Opposite of Frozen, I want to wish all of my Canadian family and friends a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

This has been an amazing year and I have so much to be thankful for. First and foremost is my family who support my writing career with the fortitude of people long used to being ignored. When I’m wrapped up in a story, everything falls by the wayside. Housework goes undone. I put off trips to the grocery store until the fridge and freezer and shelves are bare. I hide in my home office with only my computer and characters for company, and type till I run out of words for the day. I am truly blessed.

And to my readers…I’m thankful for your love notes, and cherish each and every one. I promise to continue giving you characters who make you laugh and cry, and happily-ever-after stories that make your heart sing. You keep me going on the days when the people in my books just want to laze around on the couch or take a tropical vacation.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And now for the Thurston Hotel series book two…

About the author:

A popular blogger on Tartitude and Writer Unboxed, Jan O’Hara is known for her witty posts and valuable information about writing, health, and everyday living. Book two in the Thurston Hotel series is her first published novel and I can’t wait to read it.

Opposite of Frozen by Jan O'HaraAbout the book:

Shepherd fifty-one seniors on a multinational bus tour, including a ninety-five-year-old with a lethal cane?

To preserve his sick brother’s travel business, retired pro athlete, Oliver Pike, would do far more. But then weather intervenes, forcing the tour bus off-route into the small mountain town of Harmony, Alberta.

In the hold of the bus, amid the walkers and luggage, lies a half-frozen stowaway. Page Maddux is commitment-averse and obviously lacking in common sense. Once revived, she’s also the person Oliver must depend upon to help him keep the “oldsters,” as she calls them, out of harm’s way.

When their week together is over, will Harmony recover from the group’s escapades? And what of Oliver’s heart?

You can find out more about OPPOSITE OF FROZEN at the Thurston Hotel website.

Come back next Thursday to find out about book 3 in the series. Until then, happy reading!

Contest Winners & Announcing Thurston Hotel Book One

Contest Winners & Announcing Thurston Hotel Book One

A Time to be Tender by Sheila SeabrookThe “Name the Book” contest is over, the winners have been notified, and I’m thrilled to announce that Mike’s story finally has a title!

Grand Prize Winner: Meghan Stith! Meghan submitted the title A TIME TO BE TENDER. I fell in love with this title immediately and couldn’t wait to get it on the cover of book 3 in the Rocky Mountain series. Meghan wins the complete set of Thurston Hotel romances. That’s 12 ebooks in all!

Second Prize Winner: Charline Bonham! Charline submitted two titles and I knew that with a little tweaking, her second title would fit in nicely for book 4 in the Rocky Mountain series. Her entry—HEARTBREAKER—will now become ONCE A HEARTBREAKER. Charline wins a signed paperback copy of A TIME TO BE TENDER when it is released.

Third Prize Winner: Barbara Watts submitted two titles—THE DEFENDER and THE CONTENDER. I’ve been playing with another series idea and these two titles would be perfect for it. Barbara gets a character in A TIME TO BE TENDER named after her.

The Thurston Hotel Series Begins!

The first book in the Thurston Hotel Romance series arrives today, and if you love warm-to-sweet romances, this series is for you.

Quickie Q&A with author Brenda Sinclair:

Chocolate, kraft caramels, or ice cream? Chocolate.

Coffee, tea, or wine? Wine.

Star Trek, Fifty Shades of Grey, or We’re the Millers? Fifty Shades of Grey.

Sweats, blue jeans, or a skirt? Blue jeans.

Sleeping, massage, or a beach vacation? Massage. (Sounds like a fun weekend so far!)

About the book:

A Thurston Promise by Brenda SinclairEager for a fresh start, young widow and mother, Melanie Larson, leaves Calgary to relocate for a dream job at a family-owned, historic hotel in a small mountain resort town in the Canadian Rockies. But her new boss is the sweet talker who broke her heart in college—and who holds the power to crush it again. Long dormant feelings surface, and Melanie is torn between needing this job and protecting her still fragile heart.

Ben Thurston wants a second chance with the woman he’s never stopped loving, but there’s no statute of limitations on a secret. Keeping it hidden while pursing Melanie would be dishonest. Revealing it will expose them to pain and heartache.

If Ben’s secret is revealed, will Melanie understand Ben’s past rejection? Could there be a possible future together for them? Or will his deception and their conflicting dreams keep them apart?

You can find out more about A THURSTON PROMISE at the Thurston Hotel website.

Come back next Thursday to find out about book 2 in the series. Until then, happy reading!

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