Viva La Valentine!

Viva La Valentine!

It’s Valentine’s Day and the latest edition of the WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies is here.

The Viva La Valentine Edition features authors D.D. Scott, Talli Roland, Chicki Brown, Lisa Lim, M.G. Ainsworth, Buck Buchanan, Diane Vallere, Christy Hayes, and … drumroll please … Sheila Seabrook.

That’s right, folks. My first indie release!

I’m currently reading the stories by the other authors and loving them, but today I’m here to tell you about my contribution to the anthology.


Hearts, cupids, and diamond rings … bah humbug!

Amanda Goodwin inherited her Valentine grinchness from her Grandpa George, so when she returns home for her Grandma Elvira’s Valentine’s Day wedding, it’s bah humbug all the way. Until, that is, she encounters her grandpa’s ghost.

Fortunately, she’s not in this alone.

Long time friend, Dane Weatherby, totally gets her grinchly attitude. Between Grandpa’s demands for her to stop the wedding, Grandma’s inability to let go of her dearly departed husband’s urn, and Amanda’s parents acting friskier than a couple of newlyweds, she’s ready to give in to her grinchness and head back to the city.

Only true love can stop Amanda. And if Dane has his way, he just might convince her to say I do instead of bah humbug.

Available on: Amazon, Smashwords, and B&N

ROW80: Week 6 Check In

ROW80: Week 6 Check In

Nytol UK commercial

Ah, so many plans, so many good intentions, and so little done. Week 6 of the ROW80 writing challenge was a bust. I managed to get my house vacuumed. Does that count?

The rest of the time, I sat at my desk like a good little writer and stared at the computer screen. Not a single word made it past my eyeballs. Everything I read bounced back into the great unknown. In breathless anticipation, I will wait for the words to return because they were no doubt brilliant and necessary to my career as an author. 

1) Write every morning:

– At my desk every morning by 7:00. As stated above, stared at the words on the screen for six of the seven days.

– I received the last of the critiques for my Bandit Creek novella WEDDING FEVER. Thursday morning, the fog cleared from my brain and I worked on edits until noon when I was interrupted by the urge to sleep.

– For the upcoming week, I’ll finish off the WEDDING FEVER changes, then send the manuscript out for professional editing.

2) Social Media, the love of my life, the bane of my existence:

– I visited 59 blogs.

– The super fabulous August McLaughlin hosted the Beauty of a Woman blogfest. I laughed and I cried at the posts shared by all of the awesome women who opened a vein and spilled their guts to the world. If you missed the blogfest, check out August’s page where you will find links to all of the people who participated in the day. Or you can start by reading my post and then follow the link there to August’s blog.

3) Avoid chocolate.

– No chocolate. Another thumbs up week.

4) Exercise.

– Did you read my opening paragraphs? I can summarize the week in one word: sleepy.

5) Read.

– Hard to do when your eyes are closed.

– I started to read the WG2E All-For-Indies Viva Le Valentine edition — you know, the book with my story THE VALENTINE GRINCH included — and SLIM TO NONE by Jenny Gardiner is on the back burner.

Check out the A Round of Words in 80 Days blog and maybe you’ll want to join us next time.

Happy ROW80 everyone and thanks for stopping by!

The Beauty Within

The Beauty Within

On Friday, February 10th, August McLaughlin is hosting the Beauty of a Woman Blogfest. Make sure you stop by her blog. There are prizes to be won, but even more important, you can read inspirational stories about women and men. Tales about beauty, not on the outside, but on the inside where it counts the most.

My mother was a knockout. She didn’t have to work at it. In fact, to this day, she’s one of the least vain women I know. My dad carried this picture of her around in his wallet until the day he died. He would often pull it out, show it to others, and brag about the amazing woman he’d married.

Beside my mother and two younger sisters, I felt like a giant, tall and awkward and gangly. I slouched to hide my height. I hid in the background of pictures to hide my ugliness. I often imagined I was adopted into the family because I didn’t look like I belonged.

It was years later that I realized I’d taken after my dad’s side of the family. The women there were tall and stocky. They had meat on their bones and calves that weren’t small and delicate. But they were sweet and kind and loving.

My mother is now 83, has shrunk, and barely comes up to my shoulder. My sisters are still smaller than me. But I’m no longer that awkward, ugly teen. I’ve grown into myself, and learned that generosity of spirit is far more important than looking like the supermodel I once wished to be.

The greatest gift you can give to yourself is acceptance. Be comfortable within. Be sweet and kind and loving, and you will always be beautiful to me.

Do you have a story to share? On Friday, make sure you stop by August McLaughlin’s blog for the Beauty of a Woman Blogfest. I’ll see you there. 🙂

Shiny and New

Shiny and New

Have you heard the tale about the curious little girl who, after breakfast one morning, left the house and headed down the block to grandma’s house for supper? (Don’t worry … this isn’t one of those tales where the girl gets eaten by the big bad wolf.)

I’m telling this story over at the Women Unplugged site. Please join me there.

ROW80: Week 5 Check In

ROW80: Week 5 Check In

Week 5 of the ROW80 writing challenge was a little bit different from the other weeks. Because I’d just finished writing a book the previous week, I’d decided to take this week off to catch up on some writing related tasks that I’d been putting off. Funny thing about time … when you think you have lots of it, you actually get less done. LOL!

Still, I accomplished a bunch of piddly little things that needed doing.

1) Write every morning:

– I was still at my desk every morning by 7:00. I worked on upcoming book blurbs, fine-tuned loglines, did a little editing, and made changes to my website. I also registered for two classes at Margie Lawson’s Writing Academy so here’s to learning something new.

– My story THE VALENTINE GRINCH is out. Big whoot! It’s part of the WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies, in the Viva Le Valentine Edition. To find out more about the story, click here.

– I received a couple more edits for my Bandit Creek short story BABY FEVER and made the changes. Part of the upcoming Fool’s Gold anthology, the cover for this book is awesome. Our cover designer has already sent us the first draft and I’ll post it the minute it’s finalized. So as of this week, BABY FEVER is D-O-N-E. No more changes, tweaking or anything else. 🙂

– And I think I came up with a logline for my blog: Tripping my way through life. I’ll mull over it some more but it certainly describes me to a tee. If I’m not tripping and falling over something physically, then my curious and over-eager personality traits are tripping me up and making me feel like a fool. LOL! Good hands on experience for my quirky characters.

– For the upcoming week, it’s back to writing my women’s fiction novel titled STUCK WITH YOU.

2) Somehow, considering I spent less time writing this week, I also managed to spend less time on social media. Go figure that one out. Sheesh.

– I still made 45 blog visits this week, but didn’t sufficiently support my fellow WANA1011 classmates, who I love. Have I mentioned them yet?

– And I even blogged twice at my own site this week. Wow, I think that’s a new record for me. 🙂

3) Avoid chocolate.

– No chocolate, but on Friday night, SOMEBODY brought home chips and cheezies.

4) Exercise.

– My ankle loved the new runners and the treadmill. No problems at all. I only managed to get in three days on the treadmill though. I did, however, get a really good workout on the day I lifted my desk so I could straighten out the runner beneath my chair, headed down to the local office supply store to buy a new chair, then put it together all by myself. And surprise, not a single bolt has fallen out yet.

5) Read.

– I started two books this week: a) the new Bandit Creek book SHAFTED by Kymber Morgan and b) SLIM TO NONE by Jenny Gardiner.

Check out the A Round of Words in 80 Days blog and maybe you’ll want to join us next time.

Happy ROW80 everyone and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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