Angel Fire by Michelle Pierce

Angel Fire by Michelle Pierce

One of the best things about the Bandit Creek Books is the variety. There is literally something here for every reading taste imaginable. I just finished reading the last two Bandit Creek stories, Bootleg My Heart by A.M. Westerling and Playing Doctor by Julie Rowe.

Both of these stories are romantic tales, fun reads with strong heroines and hunky heroes. And they are perfect examples of the diversity of the series. One story is set in Prohibition days while the other story is about a female doctor suffering from the effects of present day war.

As one of the Bandit Creek authors, I’ve made it my personal mandate to read each story and it’s been incredibly interesting to see the series unfold. I’ve learned a lot about how to develop a series of books which I hope to put to good use in the coming months.

And now I’m looking forward to today’s release, Book 27, a paranormal romance titled ANGEL FIRE by Michelle Pierce.

Someone is burning down houses in Bandit Creek, and fire fighter Jason Briggs is destined to stop him.

Keira has been protecting Jason for decades against his death-baiting habits, and now she has to protect him from a danger unlike anything she ever anticipated.

Working together, they must stop the unstoppable. A phoenix whose fire burns hot enough to incinerate souls.

One is determined to catch a killer.

One is desperate to save the other.

One will fail.

Read Carla Roma’s interview with author Michelle Pierce, an excerpt from ANGEL FIRE, and buy the book at Amazon or Smashwords.

On the first and fifteenth of the month, check back for more new Bandit Creek books. There’s something at Bandit Creek for everybody!

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Every Once In A While, I Falter, Then Fall Down

Every Once In A While, I Falter, Then Fall Down

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a gray sky and an even grayer mood. I grabbed a cup of coffee, started a fire in the fireplace and sat down to write.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It’s not like this is anything new. All writers occasionally come up empty. But this was annoyingly familiar…

As I sat there, toasty warm by the fire, it occurred to me that I’d been mopey and sluggish and generally all around blah for quite some time now. I could feel the ideas in my head. They hovered in the dark, waiting, watching, seeking an escape route from the unchartered territory of my brain. But they were trapped…locked behind a month long diet of ice cream bars and Twizzlers.

For the rest of this post, join me at the Women Unplugged blog and tell me what foods make you falter, then fall? And what snacks or foods do you reply on to keep you and your brain in premium condition? Busy minds need help to stay sharp. 🙂

Playing Doctor by Julie Rowe

Playing Doctor by Julie Rowe

These days, I’m hanging out with the RWA Women’s Fiction authors. We’re in the middle of a month long Write-A-Thin challenge. After months of relative silence, with everyone holed up in their own little part of the world, the daily check-ins are fun. It’s like a bunch of women have gathered for coffee and we’re sharing our writing goal progress along with a few details of our personal lives.

Which is what Women’s Fiction is all about. Hmmm, this really gets me thinking about my WIP and how the “women connecting” factor comes into play. So while I’m mulling that over, let me introduce you to Julie Rowe, author of PLAYING DOCTOR, book 26 in the Bandit Creek series.

Julie Rowe has two books out with Carina Press: ICEBOUND and NORTH OF HEARTBREAK. Her third book with Carina Press, SAVING THE RIFLEMAN – a romance with medical elements set during the first world war – is due out on Oct 8, 2012. Julie’s first career as a medical lab technologist in Canada took her to the North West Territories and northern Alberta. She loves to include medical details in her romance novels, but admits she’ll never be able to write about all her medical experiences because, “No one would believe them!”

Dr. Abigail Westward has been home after two tours of duty in Afghanistan for about two months and she’s taken up an unusual hobby. A hobby that has the local sheriff scared stiff: tossing lit dynamite sticks into the still waters of Lost Lake. After locking her up for twenty-four hours, then a couple weeks later for forty-eight, the sheriff is getting desperate to find a way to combat Doc Abby’s explosive habit. He calls in a very special Doc-sitter, Jacob “Smitty” Smith, a fellow soldier of Abby’s and the only man who might be able to find out what was really going on with Bandit Creek’s doctor.

Smitty is in Bandit Creek for one reason and one reason only. He loves Abby, has from damn near the moment he met her in Afghanistan. He’s stayed at arm’s length until now because getting involved with anyone while on a combat mission is just plain stupid. But combat is over for both of them and he’s waited long enough. He wants her and he’ll play dirty to get her because he knows she’s hurting deep down in a place she doesn’t want anyone to see.

Seeing Smitty waiting for her on shore, Abby gives up the dynamite with little or no argument. It’s far too much fun to verbally poke at him and the sheriff, until she finds out he’s been hired by the town of Bandit Creek to ride herd on her. She’s resistant to the idea right up to the moment someone attempts to shoot her in the middle of town. Now she and Smitty have to figure out who wants to kill her and why before he’ll go, because if he stays she’s not sure she’ll be able to resist temptation. Smitty is her only weakness. He’s the one man she trusts absolutely, the one man she loves, the one man who knows her terrible secret.

She’s a doctor who’s guilty of murder.

Wow, intriguing huh? Check out the links below.

Read the excerpt from PLAYING DOCTOR, buy the book and join the Bandit Creek authors for the Facebook release party.

On the first and fifteenth of the month, check back for more new Bandit Creek books. There’s something at Bandit Creek for everybody!

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Every Which Way But Focused

Every Which Way But Focused

Whenever I’m struggling through the work-in-progress, as I am with the midpoint rewrites on Sex, Lies & Family Ties, I get easily sidetracked. So when people started to talk about the movie THE WORDS starring Bradley Cooper, it gave me something besides my WIP to fixate on.

Larry Brooks, author of Story Engineering, the book that taught me about story structure and saved my writing sanity, recently wrote a post about the movie. According to last Sunday’s post, the movie is about a writer who plagiarizes another writer’s work, then gets caught. Huh? Still, I’m fascinated and will definitely be catching this movie. But probably not till it hits Netflix or the movie channels.

If you want to see more about this movie, you can catch a short trailer here. The official movie trailers are, of course, on

How about you? Do you plan to watch this movie and if so, will it be in a theater or at home?

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