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Always Remember

Heartbreaking to heartwarming…stories of love and redemption, trust and second chances.

A midnight summons from rancher Nate Coltrane brings singer Jessie Adams back to the heart of the Rocky Mountains — not to see him again, but to say goodbye to her dying mother. Seventeen years ago, Jessie gave up Nate’s child for adoption and she hasn’t been home since. How can she sit by her mother’s side, surrounded by constant reminders of all she loved and lost? How can she face Nate without telling him the truth about the child he never knew existed?

Nate doesn’t think Jessie has the guts to return home and face him, but when she does, he’s afraid of losing everything he loves…for the second time in his life. But he’s made a promise to her mother. Bring Jessie home. Give the dying woman one last opportunity to heal the rift with her daughter. Nate will do anything for Jessie’s mother because if not for her, he might never have known the love of his child.

But sometimes the truth turns out to be a lie…

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Rocky Mountain Series

Always Remember by Sheila Seabrook

Terms of Surrender by Sheila Seabrook



Complete Character List:

  • Jessie Adams: Queen of country music, Jessie’s return to the Rocky Mountain ranch where she grew up is marred by her mother’s illness…and by the secret the two women share.
  • Nate Coltrane: Rancher Nate Coltrane works hard to protect his daughter from the secret in his past\.
  • Sara Coltrane: Nate’s seventeen year old daughter needs someone to confide besides her dad, and Jessie’s arrival at the ranch may give her the lifeline she’s seeking.
  • Maude Adams: The elderly housekeeper has no regrets…except for the one she intends to take to her grave.
  • Sam Adams: Longtime foreman on the Coltrane Ranch, Sam stood by while his family disintegrated, but now Jessie’s back home and this is his chance to make things right.
  • Harley Jane Davis: Harley took a leave from her nursing job to ease Maude’s final days, and she’s not above giving Nate relationship advice.
  • Hale Davis: Harley’s cousin grew up on the streets of Vancouver and was in and out of trouble with the law until he started working for Nate.
  • George Davis: Harley’s brother, the local doctor, plays bass in Nate’s band.
  • Mike Toryn: The drummer in Nate’s band, Mike has problems at home that he doesn’t want to talk about.

Extras & Tidbits

There are lots of little details that never make it into the finished story, as well as visuals that really rock my creativity while I'm writing each story. And of course, the characters all have a life after THE END is written. Below are some extras and tidbits for you to enjoy!

(Note: Extras & tidbits for this book are currently in the works, so please check back later.)