Rocky Mountain Contemporary Romance Series:

For those of you anxiously awaiting the next book(s) in my Rocky Mountain series, they’re coming. Here’s what I have lined up for late 2016 and 2017.

  • A Time To Be Tender – Book 3 – It was supposed to be an easy out. The booze, the brawls, the bull riding. But Mike Toryn didn’t expect to fall for the bossy woman sent to save him. Nor did he expect that he’d have something to offer her in return. 100%
  • Once A Heartbreaker – Book 4 – A country cowboy. A woman with no future. Can they find their happily-ever-after in each other’s arms? 0%
  • This Time Forever – Book 5 – Sara and Hale’s story! Finally! 9%

Caught Between Contemporary Romance Series!

  • Caught Between the Mob and a Hot Cop – Book 4 – A plain-jane heiress tries to save The Heavenly Estates Retirement Home on Serendipity Island and clashes with a hot cop, retired mobsters, and her slimy ex. 12%