Rocky Mountain Contemporary Romance Series:

For those of you anxiously awaiting the next book(s) in my Rocky Mountain series, they’re coming. Here’s what I have lined up.

  • Once A Heartbreaker – Book 4 – Abby Watts wants to escape her boring existence. Zach has no desire for attachments. They’re the perfect friends-with-benefits couple…until they’re forced together to care for two teenage delinquents that no one else wants. Too bad Abby’s ex is in town to take her away from the boredom of her life. Too bad Zach discovers he’s in love with Abby. 75%
  • This Time Forever – Book 5 – Sara and Hale’s story! Finally! 9%
  • Title TBA – Book 6 – He left because he loved her. Now he’s back for the same reason…and more. 20%
  • Title TBA – Book 7 – He’ll take his ex-wife any way he can get her…and at the moment, the only way he can get her is to give her a warm willing body when she’s looking for one. 0%

Caught Between Contemporary Romance Series!

  • Caught Between the Mob and a Hot Cop – Book 4 – A plain-jane heiress tries to save The Heavenly Estates Retirement Home on Serendipity Island and clashes with a hot cop, retired mobsters, and her slimy ex. 12%

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