First off, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I hope you’re out there spending time with your family and/or eating some wonderfully delicious chocolate.

Now on to the latest news…

There’s a new book out and it’s rocking the bestseller lists in so many genres, it’s created a new Guinness World Record. Have you heard about it yet? They’re already talking movie rights, TV rights, franchise rights and a whole bunch of other rights…and the book hasn’t even been released yet.

It’s about an undercover journalist/superheroine who infiltrates a nudist colony on British Columbia’s famous Vancouver Island where she investigates an unsolved murder and discovers the secret behind her parents’ romance, the truth of her biological parents, the secret of the sexy stranger who wants to make babies with her who claims he’s an alien from a distant galaxy, and if that’s not enough great stuff, finally meets the daughter she gave up for adoption years ago.

The book is titled WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS by April Fuhl and you can check out all of the deetz right here.

Do you believe it?! Aren’t you excited?!


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