Welcome to book eleven of the Thurston Hotel romance series.

To a TeaAbout the book:

Chastity Howell has always loved Logan Wright. But at age seventeen, she made a mistake that almost destroyed both of their lives. Angry and disappointed, Logan ended their relationship. Unable to cope with the consequences, Chastity started drinking. Now, her heart won’t accept that their young love has perished in the aftermath of the disaster.

A man of convictions, Firefighter Logan Wright desires a good woman to start a family with. Once upon a time, a long time ago, he thought Chastity Howell was that woman. But with her troubled past, she doesn’t fit his image of the perfect wife.

Watching her interact with Harmony’s less fortunate, he wonders if maybe he’s mistaken. But with pain and hurt between them, can they forgive the past to build a new future together?

You can find out more about TO A TEA at the Thurston Hotel website.

Come back next Thursday to find out about book 12 in the series. Until then, happy reading!

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