Welcome to book six of the Thurston Hotel romance series. I’m excited about this week’s Thurston Hotel release because I’m a longtime fan of M.K. Stelmack (and I’m thrilled beyond words to be working on this series with her). She writes amazing characters, and her books are filled with lots of emotion and action. As a writer who is always working on improving my craft, M.K. Stelmack’s books inspire me. I know you’ll enjoy this week’s release!

Quickie Q&A with M.K. Stelmack:

Chocolate, kraft caramels, or ice cream? Ice cream.

Coffee, tea, or wine? Tea.

Star Trek, Fifty Shades of Grey, or We’re the Millers? We’re the Millers.

Sweats, blue jeans, or a skirt? Blue jeans.

Sleeping, massage, or a beach vacation? Sleeping.

With Open ArmsAbout the book:

On vacation in Spain, Bailey Thurston abandons her cautious existence as an accountant at her family-operated hotel for a whirlwind romance with Daniel O’Leary, a bush pilot in the Congo. Two weeks later, they’re engaged. The next day, he vanishes to reappear a year later at Thurston Hotel, expecting her to receive him with open arms.

Not after he ripped her heart apart.

Dan is a natural charmer though, with answers that make her ache to believe in love again. As her family and the people of Bailey’s mountain resort town of Harmony reach out to him, so does she. But Dan has a soul-corroding secret from his war-torn years in the Congo so awful the woman he loves would surely leave him if known. Then he discovers that one man in Harmony is determined to reveal it.

You can find out more about WITH OPEN ARMS at the Thurston Hotel website.

Come back next Thursday to find out about book 7 in the series. Until then, happy reading!

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