Welcome to book five of the Thurston Hotel romance series!

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I want to wish you all an early Happy Halloween. It’s also the perfect opportunity to tell you about the Thurston Hotel’s own resident spook. The ghost of Mrs. Arbuckle’s dearly departed husband, Walter, appears throughout the series, popping in and out of the individual books, sometimes just a brush of the wind, and sometimes doing his small part to nudge the hero and heroine together.

And now on to this week’s release, A Lasting Harmony by Shelley Kassian.

About the author:

Shelley Kassian can be found traveling around the world and enjoys medieval history. So if you’re a lover of historical fiction, particularly the Tudor age, check out her other books at her website.

A Lasting Harmony by Shelley KassianAbout the book:

Fired from her music contract due to drug and alcohol addiction, Jade Carter relocates to Harmony to heal her wounds and rethink her ailing career. But when she checks in at the Thurston Hotel, hoping for a second chance, not everything is as it appears. Taking pity on the singer’s dire situation, General Manager Ben Thurston hires her, but not in the way she expects. Jade is soon attracted to bartender Jason Knight, but will her turbulent history and tenuous actions challenge a future with him?

Jason left the corporate world behind to settle in the Rocky Mountains for a healthier lifestyle. When Jade Carter walks into his lounge and into his life, a love at first sight type of chemistry ignites between them. But when they’re photographed together in a compromising embrace, local media attention forces them into a show of commitment.

Is it just pretend? Or could it be more? Can Jason prove himself to be a knight in shining armor who provides the lasting harmony Jade needs?

You can find out more about A LASTING HARMONY at the Thurston Hotel website.



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