Happy Birthday

Half the candles were hers and half the candles were his…

Welcome to book three of the Thurston Hotel romance series. As you know, last weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving, but what you don’t know is that our family also got to celebrate two birthdays — Youngest Son and Almost-Daughter-In Law. Needless to say, we had cake (cherry cheesecake) and candles and lots of singing (which always embarrasses Youngest Son, but he smiles through it anyway).

It was a wonderfu, family filled day, and you know how much I love family. Which is one reason why I’m looking forward to the Thurston Hotel Series book three.

After writing my own Thurston Hotel book (Love Under Construction, out Oct 20th!), then reading books one and two, the people in the town of Harmony are beginning to feel like MY family. Isn’t that sweet?

Now, let me introduce you to book three of the Thurston Hotel series…ON A WHIM.

Quickie Q&A with author Win Day:

Chocolate, kraft caramels, or ice cream? Chocolate.

Coffee, tea, or wine? Tea mostly. Coffee occasionally. Wine sometimes.

Sweats, blue jeans, or a skirt? Black jeans, please.

Sleeping, massage, or a beach vacation? Beach vacation. (Mexico, here I come!)

On a Whim by Win DayAbout the book:

Mandy Brighton loves her vintage storefront, her eclectic neighborhood, her small town way of life. Sure, sometimes change is necessary—didn’t she convert Whimsy into a cupcake bakery, and expand the kitchen? But architect Kevin MacNeal wants to tear down her building to revitalize Harmony’s Main Street to match his design for the new Community Center.

Kevin, a self-proclaimed urbanite, thinks nothing beats having his favorite chain coffee shop on every corner. There’s something comforting about the anonymity of the big city and exciting about its expanded opportunities. Small town residents, with their small town thinking, baffle him.

She seduces him with whimsical cupcakes and fabulous food. He seduces her with, well, seduction. But when he targets his campaign at her great-aunt, his betrayal hurts more than possibly losing her business.

Can they find a way to come to a sweet compromise? Harmony cupcake lovers want to know!

You can find out more about ON A WHIM at the Thurston Hotel website.

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