How I want to live every day of my life.

How I want to live every day of my life.

Welcome to book two of the Thurston Hotel romance series. Before I give you the deetz about the Opposite of Frozen, I want to wish all of my Canadian family and friends a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

This has been an amazing year and I have so much to be thankful for. First and foremost is my family who support my writing career with the fortitude of people long used to being ignored. When I’m wrapped up in a story, everything falls by the wayside. Housework goes undone. I put off trips to the grocery store until the fridge and freezer and shelves are bare. I hide in my home office with only my computer and characters for company, and type till I run out of words for the day. I am truly blessed.

And to my readers…I’m thankful for your love notes, and cherish each and every one. I promise to continue giving you characters who make you laugh and cry, and happily-ever-after stories that make your heart sing. You keep me going on the days when the people in my books just want to laze around on the couch or take a tropical vacation.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And now for the Thurston Hotel series book two…

About the author:

A popular blogger on Tartitude and Writer Unboxed, Jan O’Hara is known for her witty posts and valuable information about writing, health, and everyday living. Book two in the Thurston Hotel series is her first published novel and I can’t wait to read it.

Opposite of Frozen by Jan O'HaraAbout the book:

Shepherd fifty-one seniors on a multinational bus tour, including a ninety-five-year-old with a lethal cane?

To preserve his sick brother’s travel business, retired pro athlete, Oliver Pike, would do far more. But then weather intervenes, forcing the tour bus off-route into the small mountain town of Harmony, Alberta.

In the hold of the bus, amid the walkers and luggage, lies a half-frozen stowaway. Page Maddux is commitment-averse and obviously lacking in common sense. Once revived, she’s also the person Oliver must depend upon to help him keep the “oldsters,” as she calls them, out of harm’s way.

When their week together is over, will Harmony recover from the group’s escapades? And what of Oliver’s heart?

You can find out more about OPPOSITE OF FROZEN at the Thurston Hotel website.

Come back next Thursday to find out about book 3 in the series. Until then, happy reading!

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