Today is the release of the final Bandit Creek Book, CURSED by Vivi Anna. If you’ve been following the series, you’ll be excited to finally read JD’s story.

JD, short for Jack Daniels, is Bandit Creek’s town drunk. He’s shown up in every single Bandit Creek novella and there’s something very mysterious about him. He’s always giving out advice, but no one really pays attention to his advice, although there’s always wisdom within his words. Here’s a snippet from when Jack appeared in WEDDING FEVER:

The ambulance attendant put one hand on JD’s chest. “Stay put, JD. I need to make sure you’re okay before I let you go. You nearly drowned.”

With a muttered curse, JD resumed his prone position on the ground, hooked his arm around his bottle of Jack Daniels, and gathered it snug against his chest. “Who saved me?”

Once again, the attendant hooked his thumb toward the diver. Liz followed JD’s gaze. Behind her, Naomi let out a low wolf whistle. “Who’s that?”

JD frowned, but kept his attention on the stranger. He raised one arm, his bony fingers crooked. “You there, boy. Come here.”

As the diver came out of the shadows into the ever growing morning light, the memories Liz had buried deep erupted. She stared up at the familiar face. His gaze met hers only briefly before he turned his attention to JD and crouched down at his side. “No need for thanks, JD.”

Liz’s heart stuttered in her chest, then started pounding in her ears as JD grabbed the diving gear by the fist and pulled Mitch Parker down close enough to spit in his face.

“Do I know you, boy?”

Naomi touched Liz’s shoulder, her voice a bare whisper. “Wow. He’s pretty hunky for an old guy.”

“Yes, sir. I’m Mitch Parker, Randy and Gwen Parker’s eldest son.”

“Don’t you ever—I repeat—ever save me again.”

JD started coughing and the ambulance attendant shouldered Mitch out of the way.

With a grace Liz recalled far too well, Mitch straightened to his full height and backed up a few steps, the hard wall of his naked chest now aglow with the rising sun, his gaze hidden by the dark sunglasses he’d slipped over his eyes.

Behind her, Naomi sighed. “Wow. Now there’s a man you couldn’t say no to. Right, Mom?”

Mitch didn’t hear the teenager as he turned away and walked to the lake front where he resumed pulling on his scuba gear.

JD stopped coughing and shoved the attendant’s hands away. “Let me alone. You know I’m gonna live, so stop all yer fussing.”

As Liz started to push to her feet, JD caught her by the arm, his eyes shining with the fever of one suddenly possessed. “If love comes knocking, don’t answer the door.”

If you want to read the entire first chapter of WEDDING FEVER, go here.

Now, let’s find out more about Vivi Anna and CURSED.

Vivi Anna likes to burn up the pages with her original unique brand of fantasy fiction. Whether it’s in ancient Egypt, or in an apocalyptic future, Vivi writes fast paced action-adventure with strong independent women that can kick some butt, and dark delicious heroes to kill for. She’s written for Harlequin, Kensington, and Carina. Once shot at while repossessing a car, Vivi decided that maybe her life needed a change. The first time she picked up a pen and put words to paper, she knew she had found her heart. Within two paragraphs, she realized she could write about getting into all sorts of trouble without suffering the consequences.


For as long as Jack can remember he’d been a resident of Bandit Creek. For almost two hundred years he’s been roaming the streets, alone, drinking to forget about his damned life. Cursed by a demon, he can’t die, although he’s tried many times.  The only thing that can release him from this wretched existence is to find the gold he stole all those years ago and return it to those who died in the flood. Only problem is…with his mind so ruined he can’t remember where he buried it.

His salvation comes with Kristen Morgan’s arrival. The infamous psychic and the sheriff’s daughter can help him. There’s only one other person who knows where the gold is…his long dead partner Colton. And Kristen’s seen him in her dreams.

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This brings us to the conclusion of the Bandit Creek Books series … or does it? Only time will tell. Thank you for joining me on this wonderful adventure. And remember, there’s something at Bandit Creek for everybody!

Now, I’m running off to buy my copy of CURSED. You know what I’ll be reading tonight ….

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