It’s another Bandit Creek book today, a romantic suspense titled CHRISTMAS ON THE RUN by Louise Behiel.

Louise has always loved to read and you’ll never catch her without a book at hand.  When she read Scarlett, the sequel to Gone With the Wind, she got hooked on the happily-ever-after endings. Louise came to writing while at an impasse for her Master’s degree.  During this time, a sneaky little voice spoke up and said “You’ve read all those books, why don’t you write one?” So she did. And then she wrote another and another…

When Ramon Ramirez is found not guilty of first degree murder, Adelina Ramirez grabs their six year old daughter and leaves Atlanta, determined to keep him from taking Sadie to Brazil and keeping her there.

A bad snow storm on an almost-deserted road in Montana forces Lina to stay in Bandit Creek for Christmas. New friend Todd Black is bound to help the quiet woman and her child.  He knows there’s more to her story than she’s saying, but it’s none of his business.

In the midst of Christmas preparations and a record snow storm, Ramon tracks her down. He doesn’t care about Lina but he wants his daughter and he’s going to take her.

With Todd at her side, Lina is forced to confront her worst fears. Together, they will face Ramon and forge a new future – a gift from her Christmas on the Run.

Read the Carla Roma interview, an excerpt from CHRISTMAS ON THE RUN, join us for the Facebook Release Party, and buy the book at Amazon.

On January 1, 2013, check back for the final Bandit Creek book. There’s something at Bandit Creek for everybody!

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