One of the best things about the Bandit Creek Books is the variety. There is literally something here for every reading taste imaginable. I just finished reading the last two Bandit Creek stories, Bootleg My Heart by A.M. Westerling and Playing Doctor by Julie Rowe.

Both of these stories are romantic tales, fun reads with strong heroines and hunky heroes. And they are perfect examples of the diversity of the series. One story is set in Prohibition days while the other story is about a female doctor suffering from the effects of present day war.

As one of the Bandit Creek authors, I’ve made it my personal mandate to read each story and it’s been incredibly interesting to see the series unfold. I’ve learned a lot about how to develop a series of books which I hope to put to good use in the coming months.

And now I’m looking forward to today’s release, Book 27, a paranormal romance titled ANGEL FIRE by Michelle Pierce.

Someone is burning down houses in Bandit Creek, and fire fighter Jason Briggs is destined to stop him.

Keira has been protecting Jason for decades against his death-baiting habits, and now she has to protect him from a danger unlike anything she ever anticipated.

Working together, they must stop the unstoppable. A phoenix whose fire burns hot enough to incinerate souls.

One is determined to catch a killer.

One is desperate to save the other.

One will fail.

Read Carla Roma’s interview with author Michelle Pierce, an excerpt from ANGEL FIRE, and buy the book at Amazon or Smashwords.

On the first and fifteenth of the month, check back for more new Bandit Creek books. There’s something at Bandit Creek for everybody!

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Playing Doctor by Julie Rowe
Tempt Me Twice by Lauren Hawkeye
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