I’ve known A.M. Westerling for many years and when she shares pictures of her backyard garden on Facebook, I’m in love. I want to move to her house … or perhaps just have her come to mine so she can wave her magic wand over my gardens and turn them into paradise like hers. 🙂

But you’re not here today to listen to my gardening dreams, are you? Today is all about Book 25 in the Bandit Creek series, a historical set in the Prohibition days titled BOOTLEG MY HEART by A.M. Westerling.

A.M. Westerling lives by the motto “You don’t know unless you try” and is a former engineer. She enjoys cooking, gardening, camping, yoga, and watching pro sports.

And now for the BOOTLEG MY HEART teaser:

Delia Becker returns to Bandit Creek in search of the man who killed her dad several years earlier. She reopens her late father’s garage and hires the attractive stranger Jackson Durant to help her out. Only after she catches Jackson snooping around does she realize her new mechanic has a mysterious past.

Revenue man Jackson Durant arrives in Bandit Creek looking for the rum runners operating in the south east corner of Montana. Working undercover as a mechanic at Joe’s Garage, he finds himself falling for the garage’s owner, Delia Becker. The only problem is, all evidence points to her being part of the rum running gang he’s after.

Will their growing love for each other overcome the secrets that are spilled late one night on Lost Lake road? Or will Delia’s desire for revenge drive them apart?

If you’re looking for me this weekend, I’ll be spending it with family. But as soon as the Labour Day weekend is over, I’ll have my nose buried in this book. Check out the links below.

Read Carla Roma’s interview with author A.M. Westerling, an excerpt from BOOTLEG MY HEART, buy the book and join the Bandit Creek authors for the Facebook release party.

On the first and fifteenth of the month, check back for more new Bandit Creek books. There’s something at Bandit Creek for everybody!

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