I love to laugh … which is a really good thing because we all know that laughter keeps us young and healthy. But sometimes what doesn’t seem funny at first turns out to be one of our most memorable moments.

So here are some more family meddler stories from the Beach Book Blast authors. Of course, some of these are more about crazy family members, but that’s okay. They made me laugh and I hope they make you laugh too.

If you missed Part 1, you can check it out here.

Stacey Joy Netzel: Not much meddling going on in my family—honest! However, we do have fun. Laughing with each other and even picking on each other. God forbid I say the wrong thing or trip over my words when we’re all together at the lake cabin. I get razzed about it all weekend—especially by my brothers-in-law. But it’s all done with love and I wouldn’t trade a moment.


L.C. Giroux: In my family there is not a single boring member, every single last one is a serious character (I’m not excluding myself in there) but the most insane would have to be my father. Two words -Two-headed Cow. Seriously, he wanted to buy some farmer’s two-headed calf to display at State fairs. It didn’t happen so no cows were injured but really when a story like that is just one of many how can you compete?

Janice Lane Palko: My family is pretty good about staying within their bounds, but my late great grandmother was notorious for checking the hamper to make sure you were keeping up with the laundry.  She’d go into the bathroom and you’d always hear the hamper lid slam while she was in there supposedly going to the bathroom.   She was a real stickler for doing housework.


Sheila Seabrook: My family is full of meddlers and number one on the hit list is my Mom and Dad. One winter, we went to visit my in-laws for the weekend and left our house key with my parents so they could check on the place. When we returned home Sunday night, I went to grab something from the freezer for supper and discovered it had been unplugged, left open and was totally empty. My mother, in one of her meddling moods, decided our half full freezer was wasting good money. So she made my dad empty our freezer and drag all of the contents over to their house where they somehow stuffed it into their very full freezer. Needless to say, we spent the evening moving frozen food from my parents’ freezer back into ours. We never gave them our house key again!

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But wait! Just like yesterday, there’s more fun stuff!

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Come back tomorrow, when I’ll be sharing Family Tales From The Crypt.

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