The Beach Book Blast is on right now and runs till August 18th. Be sure to check out the site for a full list of the prizes which include a grand prize of a Kindle Fire!

As well, join the BBB authors tonight (August 16th at 8 to 11 EST) at the Facebook Party. We’re sharing excerpts and more from our newly released books and giving away some great prizes. Lots and lots of prizes! Ebooks galore! 🙂

Before you head off to visit either site, let me introduce a few of my fellow BBB authors.

Since my family is filled with funny eccentric people who love to meddle in my life, I asked my fellow Beach Book Blast authors to share their humerous tales of their own family-meddling situations.

Tamara Ward: My mom is big into snooping in drawers and notebooks when she visits my house. She has no qualms writing in my journals or on my calendar, either. So I’ll open my calendar to a new month or turn a page in my journal and see that “ma luvs u.” While the calendar writing is fine, I do try to hide financial statements and personal papers well before she comes!


Natalie G Owens: Most of the funnier stories of humor I remember concern my paternal grandfather. I wish I knew him better because he was such a hoot. He’d tease family all the time…he was what you’d call a loving, fun disciplinarian. A bit contradictory, but that was him! One story I remember well is when he went out without his dentures to rile my grandmother up. When she got pissed off, he grabbed her and kissed her soundly. My father’s cousins were also a bit prudish. So, if he caught one alone he’d go and whisper a “bad” word in her ear. It wouldn’t be so bad by today’s standards but then things were different (It may have been something like “pee” or “fart”). One cousin in particular would start screaming and go to her mother to tell on my granddad. She still remembers it and laughs about it. 🙂
Alicia Street: Whenever I brought home boyfriends my father would offer them a beer at the picnic table in the back yard, then interrogate them on their knowledge of carburetors. And as a special bonus, he’d toss in a little arm wrestling.



Roy Street: It was a somewhat different scenario in my household. Whenever I brought girlfriends home, my dad would sit them down in the den, bring out his violin and play excerpts from Scheherazade. My brother and I dubbed these impromptu recitals as his Manhattan serenade in honor of his favorite cocktail, of which he usually had at least three prior to showtime.


Stay tuned for more funny-family-meddler-tales when I return with Part 2 tomorrow.

Remember to pop by the Beach Book Blast website where you can enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win a Kindle Fire and more great prizes. Plus, visit the individual author sites for a chance to win more great prizes.

Here on my own blog, I’m giving away two ebooks to one lucky winner randomly chosen from those who comment on my posts from the BBB launch date the end of the BBB event. That’s August 15th to August 18th. You could win two ebooks: Wedding Fever and Soups For All Seasons!

And remember to join the BBB authors tonight (August 16th at 8pm to 11pm EST ) at the Facebook Party. We’re sharing excerpts and more from our newly released books and giving away some great prizes.

But wait! There’s more fun stuff!

Rhonda Hopkins interviewed the Beach Book Blast authors and is running a series of posts from Aug 15 to Aug 18.

The Reader’s Guide to Epublishing books is hostng a series featuring the Beach Book Blast books.

And finally, here’s a complete list of authors involved in the Beach Book Blast – D.D. Scott, Alicia & Roy Street, Dale Amidei, Debra Burroughs, L.C. Giroux, Liz Jasper, Greg Carrico, Kristine Cayne, Kiru Taye, *lizzie starrLiz Matis, Lily Silver, Stacey Joy Netzel, Natalie G. Owens, Janice Lane Palko, Christina Routon, Tamara Ward, and Sheila Seabrook.

Come back tomorrow, when I’ll be sharing more Family Meddler tales.

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