Today is the middle of August and up on the Canadian prairies, the geese and ducks are gathering. Will this be an early winter? Part of me looks forward to a break from the gardening and painting and building we’re doing this summer. The other part of me thinks blech, I’m not ready for snow and cold and winter coats and boots.

So while I’m mulling over the fact that I’m ready, but not ready, for winter, let me introduce you to Book 24 in the Bandit Creek series, a western historical titled MY HEART BURNS by Marlene Renee.

Marlene has a degree in Education and her love for exciting and romantic stories lead her to start crafting her own. When not working on her latest project, Marlene enjoys reading, running, watching movies and travelling.

And now for the MY HEART BURNS teaser:

A woman’s got to do what her heart tells her – that’s become my motto. I’m Mackenzie Delaney and I realized that fact – and acted on it – before it was too late. Instead of marrying the man my parents had chosen for me, I answered the calling in my heart and headed west to Bandit Creek to fulfill my dream of being a doctor.

Sheriff Dan Wilson added a twist to my dream. Strong and true, he was intent on keeping the peace in his town – by fighting off bandits and keeping women of debatable reputation out.

He succeeded with the bandits.

He found me more of a challenge.

Let’s just say we came to a compromise.

I’ve only had time to read the teaser for this book, but I’m hooked. Check out the links below.

Read Carla Roma’s interview with author Marlene Renee, an excerpt from MY HEART BURNS, buy the book and join the Bandit Creek authors for the Facebook release party.

On the first and fifteenth of the month, check back for more new Bandit Creek books. There’s something at Bandit Creek for everybody!

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