Welcome to week 10 of the ROW80 writing challenge. As we near the end of this quarter’s challenge, I feel like I’m making progress. Over at the Women Unplugged blog, I whined about rewriting. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to give me their support, encouragement, and suggestions.

1) Write every morning:

– Success! Although writing currently means rewriting. I’m detailing the events of each scene on my little colored sticky notes which I stick into a scribbler. This simple task allows me to see the scene and story structure, and I’m in awe of how it illuminates the weaknesses in the story. I’m about half way through the book and am hoping to finish it up this week.

2) Social Media:

– Family commitments once again kept me running, so I spent very little time on the internet this week.

– Instead, I focused on the writing, as that must come first.

3) Avoid chocolate:

– Still hanging in there. πŸ™‚

4) Exercise:

– Ummm, we’ll just skip this section again, although spring is finally here and it’s now warm enough to take those walks outside.

5) Read:

– I finished reading the new Lisa Lutz book TRAIL OF THE SPELLMANS. If you love quirky humor about quirky families, check this series out. The heroine is a private investigator who works for her family. There are no dead people, but each book involves several cases and every case has a humorous slant.

– What’s up next? It’s a toss up between the latest Christy Hayes novel, The Sweetheart Hoax, or this week’s Bandit Creek release, Always A Lady by Victoria Chatham.

Check out the A Round of Words in 80 Days blog and maybe you’ll want to join us next time.

Happy ROW80 everyone and thanks for stopping by!

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