It’s Valentine’s Day and the latest edition of the WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies is here.

The Viva La Valentine Edition features authors D.D. Scott, Talli Roland, Chicki Brown, Lisa Lim, M.G. Ainsworth, Buck Buchanan, Diane Vallere, Christy Hayes, and … drumroll please … Sheila Seabrook.

That’s right, folks. My first indie release!

I’m currently reading the stories by the other authors and loving them, but today I’m here to tell you about my contribution to the anthology.


Hearts, cupids, and diamond rings … bah humbug!

Amanda Goodwin inherited her Valentine grinchness from her Grandpa George, so when she returns home for her Grandma Elvira’s Valentine’s Day wedding, it’s bah humbug all the way. Until, that is, she encounters her grandpa’s ghost.

Fortunately, she’s not in this alone.

Long time friend, Dane Weatherby, totally gets her grinchly attitude. Between Grandpa’s demands for her to stop the wedding, Grandma’s inability to let go of her dearly departed husband’s urn, and Amanda’s parents acting friskier than a couple of newlyweds, she’s ready to give in to her grinchness and head back to the city.

Only true love can stop Amanda. And if Dane has his way, he just might convince her to say I do instead of bah humbug.

Available on: Amazon, Smashwords, and B&N

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