Week three of the ROW80 writing challenge has come to a close. You can read more about my goals here.

I accomplished a lot this week, even if I didn’t stick to my stated goals. Here’s the results:

1) Write every morning:

– Success! It was a great week to write. The weather in my little part of the world was freaking cold, so I stayed indoors, turned off my internet connection and worked hard.

– I received critiques on my Bandit Creek short story for the Fool’s Gold anthology and did some more editing on the piece. Friday morning, I read it out loud and tweaked it some more. What can I say, but I love the story and the characters. It’s cute and funny. I’ve contacted a professional editor and will get it sent out to her this weekend.

– This week, I’ll work on my Bandit Creek novella. I’ve had one critique on it and will revise it before sending it off for another couple of critiques. My target for this will be the end of the week.

2) Manage social media, which includes email, blogging, support of my fellow bloggers, and support my fellow authors.

– Successful. I managed email, support of my fellow bloggers and authors without stressing myself out. 🙂

– I visited 53 blogs this week.

– I still am not blogging regularly, but I’ll continue to work my way toward that goal.

3) Avoid chocolate.

– No chocolate. Don’t miss it either. LOL!

4) Exercise.

– Still limping on my injured foot, so am unable to walk on the treadmill. However, I do nightly stretches — have for years — and this will have to suffice until my foot heals properly.

5) Read.

– I’m buying books because hey, it’s impossible not to, but I didn’t sit down to read this week.

– Obviously I need to schedule in reading time.

If you want to find out more about this challenge, check out the A Round of Words in 80 Days blog.

Happy ROW80 everyone and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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