ROW80: Week 2 Check In

It’s the end of the second week of the ROW80 writing challenge. To find out more about this challenge, check out the A Round of Words in 80 Days blog. Or if you’re interested in discovering more about the writer who started the challenge, check out Kait Nolan’s website.

During the last check in, I tweaked my goals:

1) Write every morning, targeting Jan 14th to complete rewrites on my Bandit Creek novella.

– not quite complete, so I’m revising this deadline to Jan 21st.

– however, I finished rewrites on a Bandit Creek short story which will be included in an April 1 anthology.

2) Manage social media, which includes email, blogging, support of my fellow bloggers, and support my fellow authors.

– big fail this week because I actually spent more time on blogs than I ever have.

– however, I also blogged about Author Linda Style and the Wounded Warrior Project.

3) Avoid chocolate.

– big BIG success! And I feel terrific. :)

4) Exercise.

– dismal failure and the reason for this is also the primary reason why I didn’t meet my other goals.

– while reading email and walking down the stairs, I missed the last step. Don’t do this or you’ll end up on your butt in agonizing pain. Fortunately, I’m not on crutches and the injury to my ankle and foot are healing quickly. The incident was enough to throw me off my game for the better part of the week.

– lesson learned: don’t read on the iPad while you’re on the stairs or you risk breaking more than your iPad.

5) Read.

– see items 1, 2, and 4 above, then tell me which is right:

– I read one book.

– I read three books.

– I read zero books.

All in all, I’m glad we’re starting a new week tomorrow. Happy ROW80 everyone and thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Sorry about the accident Sheila. I’m still sad about that. :( Glad you finished the rewrites though. Maybe a little less time on social media and more time writing? Since you need to be good to your ankle and all anyway.

    • You’re right, Debra, and I’ve been logging a lot of hours at my computer. It beats vacuuming. LOL :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Sorry about your fall … hope you feel better soon!
    Oh I can spend too much time on blogs too lol
    Congrats on finishing the rewrites. I’m sure you’re gonna finish the novella soon!
    Have a nice week!

    • I vowed to finish the novella this week and I made good progress today.

      Thanks for the well wishes, Juliana! :)

  3. Sheila, sorry for the set back. Do chair exercises and stetch !! Okay, I am going to guess that you read at least one book. I go hot and cold with my weekly book challenge, none for one or two weeks, three in one week. I have a marketing friend who insists on compartmenlizing her entire life. She took a class that suggested an oven timer for social networking. When the alarm sounds … GET OFF and get back to work :)

  4. Florence, ever since I bought the iPad, my reading time has really slacked off. But it’s nearly a month, the glow I get when I use the iPad has started to wear off, and last night, I pulled out my Kindle and started a new book. :)

    Obviously, I can’t read on the iPad. I’m naughty and play games instead. LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Oh Shelia, sounds like you are advancing. I sadly share No. 4 with you. On Friday, I missed the last step. I thought I broke my ankle for a few seconds. As the day progressed, my ankle improved. I just realized I need to turn the light on. Be careful this week and good luck with the revisions and exercise.

    • Ouch, Stacy! I know exactly how you felt. That first bone-jarring crunch, and the susequent pain, make you certain you’ve broken a few bones.

      Take care of your ankle, too. I’ll be thinking of you and sending healing thoughts your way. :)

  6. get well soon, my friend. I have no doubt you’ll catch up with your goals soon. For so long you squeezed writing time into minutes around work. write on!!!

    • Let’s hope so, Louise. Thanks for stopping in. And stay warm down there. You guys are probably in the same deep freeze we are. Brrrr!


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