Today is the end of the first week of the ROW80 writing challenge. If you want to find out more about A Round of Words in 80 Days, the writing challenge that knows you have a life, there’s even an FAQ page on the site which explains everything.

I love this challenge. Some of my favorite people are participating in the first round of 2012:

Jenny Hansen, a Round 1 sponsor, from the More Cowbell blog.

Lena Corazon, from the Flights of Fancy blog.

Debra Kristi, from the Sparks in the Fire blog.

Myndi Shafer, from the Blogging Barefoot blog.

Next week, I’ll share a few more of my online buddies with you, but for now, it’s on to my weekly report.

Since Thursday, I’ve been sidelined with a food allergy and have been brain dead, listless, and in a slump. So I’m revising my goals slightly to include AVOID CHRISTMAS CHOCOLATE. You heard me. (How could you not when I was yelling so loud?!) 

Yep, Wednesday night my favorite guy pulled out the huge Toblerone chocolate bar my mom gave us and we ate half of it. Thankfully, it only fried half my brain and kept me awake half the night, so I was able to work on revisions the next day. 

Except, we repeated our pig-fest on Thursday night and finished off the bar. Pfffft, there went the rest of my brain. And then, my dearheart found more Christmas chocolate for Friday night. By Saturday, I wanted to switch places with our son, who was bedridden with the flu.

Chocolate has always been an issue for me. I can eat almost anything else but I’m pretty sure chocolate kills my brain cells. So for the remainder of this round, I’m including Avoid All Chocolate as a goal. It can rot in the cupboard and I can toss it out in July when I won’t feel guilty about throwing it out.

I did manage to make some blog rounds but due to the results of my chocolate binge, I missed the huge WANA1011 Blog Fest on the weekend, hosted by Fabio Bueno, Louise Behiel, Jansen Schmidt, Karen McFarland, and Ginger Calem.

Since I have nothing to report, I’m going to do a quick adjustment of my goals:

1) Write every morning. Still targeting Jan 14th to complete rewrites on my Bandit Creek novella.

2) Manage social media, which includes email, blogging, support of my fellow bloggers, and support my fellow authors. I need to define this area better as I’m not thrilled with the way I’m managing it.

3) Avoid chocolate.

4) Exercise.

5) Read. I didn’t include this in my goals because reading usually comes as naturally as breathing. But I recently bought an iPad and downloaded some games (which I don’t have on my netbook). Needless to say, I’ve been a very naughty girl because I’ve been playing games instead of reading. Tsk.

Wow, this is the most sense I’ve made since I woke up Friday morning. I’m going to spend today visiting blog sites. By tomorrow morning, the effects of the chocolate will be gone from my system and I’ll be reading to tackle ROW80 again.

ROW80: Round 1 Check In 1
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