It’s been a rough week. I have the flu and my deadline for the WG2EP Valentine anthology is tomorrow. A week ago, my rough draft sucked and I couldn’t envision how I was going to meet the deadline OR manage to revamp and rewrite the story into something marginally interesting. I felt like Ormie the Pig, in an impossible situation with no hope of success.

Somehow, thanks to a timely bit of inspiration and one of my incredibly patient critique partners, Kreseda Kaine (twitter handle @KresedaKaine), the story will be finished on time.

And I love it. It’s funny and heart warming and today while I rewrote the final chapter, I had tears in my eyes. So stay tuned for The Valentine Grinch, coming February 1, 2012 in the Viva La Valentine anthology.

In the meantime, since misery loves company, feel free to share one of your recent struggles — writing or non-writing related — and let’s laugh at our troubles together. 🙂

(Originally posted at Women Unplugged.)



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